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Alain Badiou Presents Karl Marx
Karl Marx’s analysis of the Paris Commune of 1871, when the citizens of Paris rose up against their government and installed a system of radical... Les mer
Pocket Pantheon
In this accessible work, France’s leading radical thinker takes his readers on an incisive journey through twentieth-century philosophy. On the way... Les mer
Philosophy in the Present
Two controversial thinkers discuss a timeless but nonetheless urgent question: should philosophy interfere in the world? Nothing less than philosophy... Les mer
Theory Of The Subject
Badiou is widely considered to be France's most important and exciting contemporary thinker. Much of Badiou's earlier work (including "Being and... Les mer
The Meaning of Sarkozy
Alain Badiou, in this sharp and focused intervention, claims that, in and of itself, the election of Nicolas Sarkozy as President is not an event,... Les mer
Number and Numbers
The political regime of global capitalism reduces the world to an endless network of numbers within numbers, but how many of us really understand... Les mer
Being and Event
Being and Event is the centrepiece of Alain Badiou's oeuvre; it is the work that grounds his reputation as one of France's most original... Les mer
The Century
Everywhere, the twentieth century has been judged and condemned: the century of totalitarian terror, of utopian and criminal ideologies, of empty... Les mer
Manifest för filosofin & Vad är kärlek?
I Manifest för filosofin presenterar Alain Badiou grunderna för sitt filosofiska program genom att sätta dem i ett konkret sammanhang och ställa... Les mer
Saint Paul
In this bold and provocative work, French philosopher Alain Badiou proposes a startling reinterpretation of St. Paul. For Badiou, Paul is neither the... Les mer
Begreppet modell
Början av denna text återger en framställning som Alain Badiou höll den 29 april 1968 vid Ecole Normale Supérieure. Fortsättningen skulle ha... Les mer