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Mood and Anxiety Disorders in Women
Mood and anxiety disorders in women represent an increasingly important area of research and treatment development. The authors take a broad... Les mer
The Cambridge Handbook of Acculturation Psychology
In recent years the topic of acculturation has evolved from a relatively minor research area to one of the most researched subjects in the field of... Les mer
Social Inclusion of People with Mental Illness
People with serious mental illness no longer spend years of their lives in psychiatric institutions. In developed countries, there has been a major... Les mer
Psychiatric Interviewing and Assessment
This book will help mental health professionals to develop the fundamental generic skills in interviewing and assessment which form the foundation of... Les mer
The Frontal Lobes
The frontal lobes and their functional properties are recognised as crucial to establishing our identity as autonomous human beings. This book... Les mer
The Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance
This is the first handbook where the world’s foremost experts on expertise review our scientific knowledge on expertise and expert performance and... Les mer
The Cambridge Handbook of Personal Relationships
The Cambridge Handbook of Personal Relationships serves as a benchmark of the current state of scholarship in this dynamic field synthesizing the... Les mer
Psychology and the Natural Law of Reparation
Are there universal values of right and wrong, good and bad, shared by virtually every human? The tradition of natural law argues that there is.... Les mer
Religion, Culture and Mental Health
Are religious practices involving seeing visions and speaking in tongues beneficial or detrimental to mental health? Do some cultures express... Les mer
Depression and Physical Illness
Depression and physical illness are intimately related. Depressed mood is thought to contribute to the development and progression of some illnesses,... Les mer
The Mathematics of Behavior
Mathematical thinking provides a clear, crisp way of defining problems. Our whole technology is based on it. What is less appreciated is that... Les mer
Psychological Testing
This book is an introductory text to the field of psychological testing primarily suitable for undergraduate students in psychology, education,... Les mer
Pharmaceutical Reason
Andrew Lakoff argues that a new ‘pharmaceutical’ way of thinking about and acting upon mental disorder is coming to reshape not only the field of... Les mer
Norms in Human Development
The distinction between norms and facts is long-standing in providing a challenge for psychology. Norms exist as directives, commands, rules, customs... Les mer
Emotions and Multilingualism
How do bilinguals experience emotions? Do they perceive and express emotions similarly or differently in their respective languages? Does the first... Les mer
The Worlds of Renaissance Melancholy
Angus Gowland investigates the theory of melancholy and its many applications in the Renaissance by means of a wide-ranging contextual analysis of... Les mer
Cognitive Limitations in Aging and Psychopathology
This book examines the major progress made in recent psychological science in understanding the cognitive control of thought, emotion, and behavior... Les mer
Critical Perspectives on Activity
The last two decades have seen an international explosion of interest in theories of mind, culture, and activity. This unique collection is the first... Les mer
Galen: On Diseases and Symptoms
Galen’s treatises on the classification and causation of diseases and symptoms are an important component of his prodigious oeuvre, forming a... Les mer
Gambling as an Addictive Behaviour
"If thinking about addiction is going to change, the study of excessive gambling is likely to be one of the richest sources of new ideas."... Les mer
Cannabis Dependence
Cannabis dependence is controversial. Does it occur or is it a myth put forth by those who oppose legalization? What are the signs of cannabis... Les mer
Women and Depression
Throughout the world, rates of depression are greater among females than males, and this gender gap emerges during adolescence and persists... Les mer
The Overlap of Affective and Schizophrenic Spectra
Many clinicians and researchers are convinced that there is an overlap between affective and schizophrenic spectra. In this book, an international... Les mer
Does terrorism have a unique and significant emotional and behavioral impact among adults and children? In what way does the impact of terrorism... Les mer