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McCain´s Promise
In February 2000 John Mc Cain was widely perceived as the voice of hope in American presidential politics: the "anti-candidate," the harbinger of... Les mer
The World Crisis
This anthology compiles the opinions of 20 British and American senior statesmen on how best to move toward a safer and more stable world, drawing... Les mer
Tariq Ali Presents Fidel Castro
In response to the American administration’s attempt to isolate Cuba, Fidel Castro delivered a series of speeches designed to radicalize Latin... Les mer
Våldtäkt och romantik
Det här är en bok om våldtäkt. Inte som ett symtom och inte som ett instrument för att plocka politiska poäng. inte heller som en symbolfråga... Les mer
After Bush
The foreign policy of the George W. Bush administration has won few admirers, and many anticipate that his successor will repudiate the actions of... Les mer
Toward Secession
A new collection of critical essays from veteran artist, author, and critic Richard Kostelanetz. Kostelanetz was born in New York City in 1940 and... Les mer
The Meaning of Sarkozy
Alain Badiou, in this sharp and focused intervention, claims that, in and of itself, the election of Nicolas Sarkozy as President is not an event,... Les mer
Regional Monetary Integration
This book surveys the prospects for regional monetary integration in various parts of the world. Beginning with a brief review of the theory of... Les mer
New Race Politics in America
Foreign migration to the United States is dramatically altering the demographic profile of the American electorate. Nearly a third of all Americans... Les mer
China's Struggle for Status
At the end of the Cold War the People's Republic of China found itself in an international crisis, facing severe problems in both domestic politics... Les mer
When Things Fell Apart
In the later decades of the twentieth century, Africa plunged into political chaos. States failed, governments became predators, and citizens took up... Les mer
Religion and War Resistance in the Plowshares Movement
As the nuclear arms race exploded in the 1980s, a group of U.S. religious pacifists used radical nonviolence to intervene. Armed with hammers, they... Les mer
Democracy is established as a generally uncontested ideal, while regimes inspired by this form of government fall under constant criticism. Hence,... Les mer
Same-Sex Marriage and the Constitution
Following the widely reviewed success of the first edition, the updated and expanded second edition of Same-Sex Marriage and the Constitution argues... Les mer
Principles of Constitutional Design
This book is written for anyone, anywhere sitting down to write a constitution. The book is designed to be educative for even those not engaged... Les mer
From War to Democracy
Attempts to introduce democracy in the wake of civil war face a critical problem: how can war-torn societies move towards peace and democracy when... Les mer
The Trouble with Terror
What is terrorism and can it ever be defended? Beginning with its definition, proceeding to its possible justifications, and culminating in proposals... Les mer
The Rediscovering Europe in the Netherlands
In 2005, the Dutch referendum on whether to ratify the treaty establishing a European constitution dramatically exposed the rift between political... Les mer
Resande, planering, makt
Samhällsvetenskaplig och humanistisk forskning har en viktig roll i att bredda kunskapsunderlagen för svensk transportplanering. Den här boken... Les mer
Political Women and American Democracy
What do we know about women, politics, and democracy in the United States? The last thirty years have witnessed a remarkable increase in women’s... Les mer
Poverty, Participation, and Democracy
For too long a conventional wisdom has held sway, suggesting that poor people in poor countries are not supportive of democracy and that democracies... Les mer
Left and Right in Global Politics
Few notions are as universal as the idea of a left-right divide in politics. Despite its death being frequently foretold, the left-right metaphor... Les mer
Vi har fötts in i en värld som snart inte kommer att finnas längre, hävdar Gabor Steingart. Länder som vi i går räknade till tredje världen... Les mer
Selected Works of Michael Wallerstein
Michael Wallerstein was a leader in developing a rigorous comparative political economy approach to understanding substantive issues of inequality,... Les mer