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Social Protection and the Market in Latin America
Social security institutions have been among the most stable post-war social programs around the world. Increasingly, however, these institutions... Les mer
Moral Limit and Possibility in World Politics
At what point can we concede that the realities of world politics require that moral principles be compromised, and how do we know when a real... Les mer
Managing Strategic Surprise
The scope and applicability of risk management have expanded greatly over the past decade. Banks, corporations, and public agencies employ its new... Les mer
Justice Across Borders
This book studies the struggle to enforce international human rights law in federal courts. In 1980, a federal appeals court ruled that a Paraguayan... Les mer
Towards a New Liberal Internationalism
This is a comprehensive analysis of J. A. Hobson’s writings on international relations. Hobson is most famous for developing the neo-Marxist theory... Les mer
The Thin Blue Line
The idea that we should “do something” to help those suffering in far-off places is the main impulse driving those who care about human rights.... Les mer
Varför inte döda dem allihop?
»Det är när de konfliktdämpande mekanismerna bryter samman, eller när nya situationer uppstår och nya mekanismer inte hinner utvecklas, som det... Les mer
Hormoner för livet
Sommaren 1948 kallade läkemedelsföretaget Leo till presskonferens. Dagen efter spreds nyheten att Leo, i samverkan med forskare vid Karolinska... Les mer
Governing after Crisis
The constant threat of crises such as disasters, riots and terrorist attacks poses a frightening challenge to Western societies and governments.... Les mer
The Fate of Young Democracies
The recent backlash against democracy in such countries as Bolivia, Venezuela, Russia, and Georgia poses renewed concerns about the viability of this... Les mer
Crude Democracy
This book challenges the conventional wisdom that natural resource wealth promotes autocracy. Oil and other forms of mineral wealth can promote both... Les mer
The Economic Vote
This book proposes a selection model for explaining cross-national variation in economic voting: Rational voters condition the economic vote on... Les mer
Den nya världsfotbollen
Världen förändrades under 1990-talet. Planeten globaliserades, fotbollen kommersialiserades. Vad är egentligen kvar nu på andra sidan... Les mer
The Cost of Counterterrorism
In the aftermath of a terrorist attack political stakes are high: legislators fear being seen as lenient or indifferent and often grant the executive... Les mer
Strategic Rivalries in World Politics
International conflict is neither random nor inexplicable. It is highly structured by antagonisms between a relatively small set of states that... Les mer
The Politics of Extremism in South Asia
South Asia is home to a range of extremist groups from the jihadists of Pakistan to the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka. In the popular mind, extremism and... Les mer
The Liberal Project and Human Rights
The ‘Liberal Project’ aims to transform society in accordance with liberal values and practices. This volume argues that the United Nations... Les mer
Mordet i Amsterdam
En kall novemberdag i Amsterdam 2004 cyklade den hyllade och kontroversielle Filmaren Theo van Gogh till jobbet. Han kom aldrig fram. Han mördades... Les mer
Att våga hoppas
Barack Obama, hyllad av enhälliga kritiker som en minst lika bra författare som talare, är på väg att ställa till med en rejäl skräll i... Les mer
Controlling Governments
How much influence do citizens have to control the government? What guides voters at election time? Why do governments survive? How do institutions... Les mer
Business and the State in Africa
The dominant developmental approach in Africa over the last twenty years has been to advocate the role of markets and the private sector in restoring... Les mer
The Politics of Official Apologies
Intense interest in past injustice lies at the centre of contemporary world politics. Most scholarly and public attention has focused on truth... Les mer
Advertising and Society
Organized in a “point/counterpoint” format, this up-to-date text examines the impact of advertising on society. It is designed to spark... Les mer
The Everyday Language of White Racism
In The Everyday Language of White Racism, Jane H. Hill provides an incisive analysis of everyday language to reveal the underlying racist stereotypes... Les mer