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The Culture of Vengeance and the Fate of American Justice
America is driven by vengeance in Terry Aladjem’s provocative account – a reactive, public anger that is a threat to democratic justice itself.... Les mer
The Invisible Constitution of Politics
As social practices now frequently extend beyond national boundaries, experiences and expectations about fair and legitimate politics have become... Les mer
Inequality and Public Policy in China
Examines trends in inequality in the People’s Republic of China. It contains new findings on inequality nationwide, as well as within the rural and... Les mer
Causation in International Relations
World political processes, such as wars and globalisation, are engendered by complex sets of causes and conditions. Although the idea of causation is... Les mer
Selected Works of Michael Wallerstein
Michael Wallerstein was a leader in developing a rigorous comparative political economy approach to understanding substantive issues of inequality,... Les mer
Sociology of Law
Since the classic contributions of Weber and Durkheim, the sociology of law has raised key questions on the place of law in society. Drawing together... Les mer