Filter # 3

We are well aware of it. Things are complex, ambiguous and heterogeneous. Which is good, for then we still get surprised. But sometimes it just gets too difficult to relate to. I am such and such. They are this and that. And the thing over there simply is such and such.

Some things just must be allowed to be normal – easy to categorize and situate. There are at least three obvious examples: Sexuality: That is so gay! National cultures: They are crazy, those Norwegians! Religious affiliations: He’s a Muslim – need I say more? But isn’t normality at stake within less obvious areas as well? It has become normal to want a certain balance between your work and your family life – anything else is suspicious. It is normal to be happy – international surveys tell us that, in fact, we are. You should talk more – no one likes an introvert. Of course the house is bright – there is nothing to hide and no one to hide from. You can continue the list yourself…

In choosing the theme Normal, FILTER #03 opens a discussion of how photography contributes to both stabilisations and changes within obvious and surprising areas.

Nøkkelord: Tidsskrifter Kunst Fotografi

    Mette Bersang (red.), Camilla Kragelund (red.), Cecilie Mejer (red.), Sabine Nielsen (red.), Morten Krogh Petersen (red.): Filter # 3
  • Forlag: Filter
  • Utgivelsesår: 2009
  • Tidsskrift: Filter
  • Kategori: Tidsskrifter
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