Nordic Theatre Studies # 20: The Artist as Researcher

Nordic Theatre Studies is an annual journal for scholars writing on any aspect of theatre. The journal uses peer review with an external board of referees.


Rikard Hoogland: The Artist as Researcher • Cecilia Lagerström: Artistic Research in the Performance Arts – In Search of Poetics • Esa Kirkkopelto: New Start: Artistic Research at the Finnish Theatre Academy • Annette Arlander: Finding Yuor Way Through the Woods – Experiences of Artistic Research • Tomi Humalisto: What Can a Walnut Box Teach us About Artistic Research? • Leena Rouhiainen: Artistic Research and Collaboration • Kent Sjöström: Reflection, Lore and Acting – the Practitioner's Approach • Camilla Damkjaer: Researcher and Amateur Practitioner? a Research Animal Ventures out Among Performance Gymnasts • Pentti Paavolainen: The Complexity of Rehersal Analysis – an Attempt at its First Organisation through Sauter's Event-Model • Bent Holm: The Dramaturgical ABC – Reflections on Theories in Practice • Svein Gladsø: Another Turn – Cognitive Science as a General Theory for Theatre Historiography?