Nordic Theatre Studies 25: Theater and Democracy

Nordic Theatre Studies is an annual journal for scholars writing on any aspect of theatre. The journal uses peer review with an external board of referees. Nordic Theatre Studies is published by Föreningen Nordiska Teaterforskare.


Magnus Tessing Schneider and Kim Skjoldager-Nielsen: Itnroduction: Theatre and Democracy

Luise Ejgod Hansen: The Democratic Potential of theatre Talks

Magnus Þor Þorbergsson Being European: Staging the Nation in 1920s Icelandic Theatre

Ellen Foyn Bruun Diversity on the Norwegian Stage: Whose Story Is It Anyway?

Oddbjørn Johansen and Ellen Saur Being Actors with Learning Disabilities in a Democratic Perspective

Ken Nielsen Gone With the Plague: Negotiating Sexual Citizenship in Crisis

Tine Byrdal Jørgensen Staging the Other: Regarding the Negotiation between Spectatorship and Critical Citizenship in the Performance Third Generation

Eva-Liisa Linder How Theatre Develops Democracy: The Case of Theatre No99

Sigriður Lára Sigurjónsdóttir Send in the Clowns: Performing a Political Campaign in Post-Collapse Iceland