Nordic Theatre Studies Volume 24


Nordic Theatre Studies
Nummer 2013:1  (24)

Approaching phenomenology 
INNEHÅLL: Magnus Tessing Schneider and Kim Skjoldager-Nielsen: Introduction: Approaching Phenomenolgy • Stuart Grant: Genealogies and Methodologies of Phenomenolgy in Theatre and Performance Studies • Joshua Edelman: What phenomenolgy can Bring to Theatre Sociology, and What it Cannot, with Reference to Radio Muezzin in Aarhus • Ann Enström: Orienting Towards the Phenomenal Woman • Franziska Bork Ptersen: On Multiple Appearances • Gedimas Karoblis: Triple Disembodiment of Dance • Luule Epner: Theatre in the Postdramatic Text • Willmar Sauter: interference between Present and Absent Performers • Pirkko koski: A Play about a Play • Robert Cardullo: August Strindberg, ingmar Bergman and The Ghost Sonata • Louise Bagger: Flirtation and Seduction as Dramaturgical Devices in Interactive Acting • Zane Radzobe: One State, Two Nations • Reviews