Nordic Theatre Studies, Volume 27 Number 1: Theatre and the Nomadic Subject

Nordic Theatre Studies is an annual journal for scholars writing on any aspect of theatre. The journal uses peer review with an external board of referees. Nordic Theatre Studies is published by Föreningen Nordiska Teaterforskare.


S.E. Wilmer: Introduction. Theatre and the Nomadic Subject

Audrone Zukauskaite: Nomadic Performativity and the Immanent Ethics of Life

Liesbeth Groot Nibbelink: Mobile Performance and Nomadic Theory

Manila Ernst and Willmar Sauter: Antigone´s Diary- Young Audiences as Co-creators of GPS-guided Radio Drama

Pirkko Koski: Challenging the Centre. Asylum Seekers Encounter Native Citizens

Martinas Petrikas: Centripetal Force of Iocus. Dilemmas of Nomadism in Contemporary Lithuanian Artistic Practises

Rüta MAzeikienè: From ”rooted out” to ”rootless”. Images of Emigration in Lithuanian Drama

Reconstructing a Nomadic Network

Annelie Saro: Moility and Theatre. Theatre Makers as Nomadic Subjects

Maria Berlova: The Transnationalism of Swedish and Russian National Theatres in the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century