Nordic Theatre Studies, Volume 27 Number 2: Mapping Theatre

Nordic Theatre Studies is an annual journal for scholars writing on any aspect of theatre. The journal uses peer review with an external board of referees.


  • Anneli Saro, Ulla Kallenbach: Introduction: Mapping Theatre
  • Teemu Paavolainen: Meaning in the Weaving Mapping and Texture as Figures of Spatiality and Eventness
  • HediLiis Toome: Do You Feel the Same? Different Dominants of Theatrical Experience
  • Jonas Lahtinen: How to Address Politics of the Body in Participatory Performance?
  • Thomas Rosendal Nielsen: Theatrical Complicity as a Medium of Emancipation
  • Cecilia Lagerström: Activating Imaginative Attention and Creating Observant Moments in the Everyday
  • Louise Ejgod Hansen: Mapping the Regional Distribution of Theatre in Denmark
  • Laura Gröndahl: Stage Design at the Crossroad of Different Operational Cultures
  • Anne Margrete Fiskvik: La Famille Dansant
  • Pauls Daija: Otherness and Self in LatvianTheatre