Tinfish 16 & Trout 13

Magazine. Poetry. TINFISH 16 is a collection of art and poetry in collaboration with Trout, an on-line journal out of Honolulu and New Zealand, edited by Robert Sullivan, Anne Kennedy, Tony Murrow, and Brian Flaherty. Both journals use the Pacific as a theme; this issue features work by Hinemoana Baker, Cherie Barford, Linh Dinh, Murray Edmond, Kari Edwards, David Eggleton, Glenn Mott, Eileen Myles, Kit Robinson, Hazel Smith, Juliana Spahr, Richard von Sturmer, and Mark Wallace, as well a review of John Kinsella by John Rieder. Also included are wonderful translations from the Chinese of Huang CanRan, Shang Qin, and others. Each cover of the Tinfish paper version is unique, a slipcover map designed and made by Lee Vanderkooi. Interior art is by San Shoppell and the centerfold by Thomas Wasson, designer of our roofing paper cover issue 13.