Bøker av Anne Boyer

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Beklædning imod kvinder
Det er især erfaringer forbundet med køn, klasse, arbejde, økonomi og sygdom som bliver undersøgt i Beklædning imod kvinder. Egentlig er bogen... Les mer
Garments Against Women
'Around that time my daughter and I had this exchange: Anne, imagine if the world had nothing in it. Do you mean nothing at all - just darkness... Les mer
The Undying
'Profound and unforgettable' Sally Rooney 'A classic . . . I have long thought of Boyer as a genius' Patricia Lockwood 'An outraged, beautiful, and... Les mer
A Handbook of Disappointed Fate
A HANDBOOK OF DISAPPOINTED FATE highlights a decade of Anne Boyer's interrogative writing on poetry, death, love, lambs, and other impossible... Les mer