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Bhanu Kapil's Ban en Banlieue follows a brown (black) girl as she walks home from school in the first moments of a riot. An April night in London, in... Les mer
[Out of Nothing] #0
out of nothing]is published in online installments as well as occasional print editions, on an irregular but roughly semiannual seasonal basis that... Les mer
Schizophrene traces the intersections of migration and mental illness as they unfold in post-Partition diasporic communities. Bhanu Kapil brings... Les mer
Humanimal: A Project for Future Children
In this new prose document, Bhanu Kapil follows a film crew to the Bengal jungle to re-encounter the true account of two girls found living with... Les mer
The Vertical Interrogation of Strangers
THE VERTICAL INTERROGATION OF STRANGERS blends the narratives of the travelog and the coming of age novel. It is written by a young Indian woman... Les mer