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En vision av Linjeland
En vision av Linjeland av Derek Beaulieu är en översättning till svenskan av ett mycket specifikt utsnitt ur Beaulieus bok Flatland... Les mer
Slot n°11 november 2015: Konkret poesi
Slot n°11 november 2015: Konkret poesi Medverkande: Derek Beaulieu 8 sidor (135 x 210... > Les mer
Proposed as a collection of imaginary logos for the corporate sponsors of Borges' Library of Babel, KERN balances on a precipice between the... Les mer
How to Write
The modernist Ezra Pound asserted that poets should “make it new,” and of course by “it” he meant “the literary tradition.” The assertion... Les mer
Da derek beaulieu besøkte Oslo i fjor høst ba Attåt ham samle materiale til en bok. Resultatet pendler mellom Calgary og Oslo, canadisk og norsk,... Les mer
Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimentions
Information as material is proud to present derek beaulieu's Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions with an afterword by Marjorie Perloff... Les mer
Fractal Economies
In Fractal Economies, Derek Beaulieu pushes the limits of poetry and poetics by grinding language through the mill of photocopiers, found material,... Les mer
frogments from the frag pool
Gary Barwin and derek beaulieu’s seamless collaboration has resulted in frogments from the frag pool: haiku after Basho. This collection of poetry... Les mer
Shift & Switch. New Canadian Poetry
Avant-garde poets challenge the reading and writing status quo,and question what a poem may be. Canada’s cutting-edge authors have been widely... Les mer
With Wax
Quill pen, linotype, computer: does how you write affect what you write? In with wax, Derek Beaulieu spurns the sentence and woos the phrase, the... Les mer