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Kafka for en mindre litteratur
"Hvor mange mennesker lever i dag i et sprog, der ikke er deres eget? Hvor mange kender ikke engang deres sprog længere, eller kender det endnu... > Les mer
The Machinic Unconscious
We certainly have the unconscious that we deserve, an unconscious for specialists, ready-made for an institutionalized discourse. I would rather see... Les mer
An"introduction to the nonfascist life" (Michel Foucault, from the Preface) When it first appeared in France, "Anti-Oedipus"... Les mer
Molecular Revolution in Brazil
Yes, I believe that there is a multiple people, a people of mutants, a people of potentialities that appears and disappears, that is embodied in... Les mer
Groundbreaking essays that introduce Guattari's theories of "schizo-analysis," in an expanded edition.Chaosophy is an introduction to Felix... Les mer
The Anti-Oedipus Papers
"The unconscious is not a theatre, but a factory," wrote Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari in Anti-Oedipus (1972), instigating one of the... Les mer
A Thousand Plateaus
‘A rare and remarkable book.’ Times Literary Supplement A Thousand Plateaus is part of Deleuze and Guattari’s landmark philosophical project,... Les mer
Anti-Ødipus: Kapitalisme og schizofreni
Denne eiendommelige, 500-siders lange blanding av filosofisk avhandling og pamflett stilte på en uærbødig og provoserende måte spørsmål ved... Les mer
Soft Subversions
This collection of Felix Guattari’s essays, lectures, and interviews traces the militant anti-psychiatrist and theorist's thought and activity... Les mer
Everything is rational in capitalism, except capital or capitalism itself. The stock market is certainly rational; one can understand it, study it,... Les mer
Nomadology: The War Machine
In this daring essay inspired by Nietzsche, Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari redefine the relation between the state and its war machine. Far from... Les mer
On The Line
A rhizome may be broken, shattered at a given spot, but it will start up again on one of its old lines, or on new lines. You can never get rid of... Les mer