Bøker av Françoise Vergès

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Avkoloniseringsfeminismen, ifølge Françoise Vergès (f. 1952), bygger videre på en rekke historiske og aktuelle frigjøringskamper, ført an av... Les mer
A Decolonial Feminism
'A vibrant and compelling framework for feminism in our times' - Judith Butler For too long feminism has been co-opted by the forces they seek to... Les mer
The Wombs of Women
In the 1960s thousands of poor women of color on the (post)colonial French island of Reunion had their pregnancies forcefully terminated by white... Les mer
Resolutely Black
Aimé Césaire’s work is foundational for decolonial and postcolonial thought. His Discourse on Colonialism, first published in 1955,... Les mer
Monsters and Revolutionaries
In Monsters and Revolutionaries Françoise Vergès analyzes the complex relationship between the colonizer and colonized on the Indian... Les mer