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On Liberty
In one of the most influential philosophical works ever writer, John Stuart Mill explores the risks and responsibilities of liberty. Examining the... Les mer
Mill's 'On Liberty': A Critical Guide
John Stuart Mill’s essay On Liberty, published in 1859, has had a powerful impact on philosophical and political debates ever since its first... Les mer
On Liberty and the Subjection of Women
A prodigiously brilliant thinker who sharply challenged the beliefs of his age, the political and social radical John Stuart Mill was the most... Les mer
John Stuart Mills Utilitarism är det klassiska försvaret av den etiska teori som hävdar att främjandet av den allmänna lyckan är det första... Les mer
Dette er det moralfilosofiske hovedværk i forhold til den retning, som nogle vil kalde konsekvensetik - idet den afgørende målstok (standard) for... Les mer
On Liberty and Utilitarianism
How can the individual be both free and happy? What are freedom and happiness and how do they relate to each other? These are the questions that Mill... Les mer
On Liberty and Other Writings
On Liberty has become celebrated as the most powerful defence of the freedom of the individual, and is now widely regarded as the most important... Les mer