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Indexical Elegies
With links to intense poetic works like John Berryman’s Dream Songs, Gilbert Sorrentino’s Corrosive Sublimate, and Erin Moure’s Furious, Jon... Les mer
Matrix 80 – Gallows Humour
Contributors: Arjun Basu, Ryan Bigge, Stephanie Bolster, Melissa Bull, Sophie Caird, Christopher Doda, Jon Paul Fiorentino, Dave Lapp, Pasha Malla,... > Les mer
The Theory of the Loser Class
We are all entitled to our own hyperbole, especially you. Montreal has made a fool of me for the second last time. I’m not suggesting we’re... Les mer
Hello Serotonin
Contemporary Canadian poetry got you down? Well, we'd like to prescribe a little Hello Serotonin, the latest in mood-enhancing poetry... Les mer
Pissing Ice; An Anthology of 'New' Canadian Poets
This cheeky little anthology is 40 pages long from title page to colophon, and has been stapled and bound into printed folded wrappers, which are, of... Les mer
Selected Losses
Jon Paul Fiorentino’s Selected Losses is an irreverent and energetic exercise in the poetic language of loserdom. Filled with sharp, witty turns of... Les mer