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Wasting Time on the Internet
Using clear, readable prose, conceptual artist and poet Kenneth Goldsmith's manifesto shows how our time on the internet is not really wasted but is... Les mer
Kenneth Goldsmith
100 Notes, 100 Thoughts / 100 Notizen - 100 Gedanken : dOCUMENTA... Les mer
Uncreative Writing
Can techniques traditionally thought to be outside the scope of literature, including word processing, databasing, identity ciphering, and intensive... Les mer
The Weather
"Kenneth Goldsmith is without doubt the leading conceptual poet of this time. His poetry, which draws from Fluxus, Dada, and conceptual art... Les mer
Head Citations
This irreverent and amusing collection consists of over 800 "misheard" song lyrics, as compiled by poet Kenneth Goldsmith, "the... Les mer
The follow-up to the critically acclaimed No. 111, Fidget ruthlessly documents every movement made by Goldsmith's body on Bloomsday (June 16) 1997... Les mer
No. 111 2.7.93–10.20.96
Goldsmith's magnum opus No.111 2.7.93-10.20.96 follows No.109 in collecting phrases ending in "r" sounds, but in this instance over a... Les mer