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En Teaterroman
Omtale av En teaterroman Sergej Leontjevitsj Maksudov hater sin jobb som medarbeider i Tidsskrift for dampskibstrafikk. Nettene bruker han til... Les mer
The Fatal Eggs
Professor Persikov, an eccentric zoologist, stumbles upon a new light ray that accelerates growth and reproduction rates in living organisms. In the... Les mer
The Master and Margarita
Russia's literary world is shaken to its foundations when a mysterious gentleman - a professor of black magic - arrives in Moscow, accompanied by a... Les mer
The Heart of a Dog
This title is presented with a new introduction by Andrey Kurkov. A rich, successful Moscow professor befriends a stray dog and attempts a scientific... Les mer
The master and Margarita
With the ink still wet on his diploma, the twenty-five-year-old Dr Mikhail Bulgakov was flung into the depths of rural Russia which, in 1916-17, was... Les mer
Black Snow
This title comes with an introduction by Terry Gilliam. When Maxudov's bid to take his own life fails, he dramatises the novel whose failure... Les mer
A Dead Man’s Memoir
This is Bulgakov's semi-autobiographical story of a writer who fails to sell his novel and fails to commit suicide. When his play is taken up by... Les mer
The Master and Margarita
The devil comes to Moscow wearing a fancy suit. With his disorderly band of accomplices - including a demonic, gun-toting tomcat - he immediately... Les mer
In Bulgakov's "Diaboliad", the modest and unassuming office clerk Korotkov is summarily sacked for a trifling error from his job at the... Les mer
The White Guard
Drawing closely on Bulgakov's personal experiences of the horrors of civil war as a young doctor, "The White Guard" takes place in... Les mer
The Life of Monsieur de Moliere
Completed in 1933, but not published until 1962, over twenty years after its author's death, "The Life of Monsieur de Moliere" charts... Les mer