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Fences in Breathing
Invited to a quiet Swiss chateau by the enigmatic Tatiana Beaujeu Lehmann, Anne begins to slowly write a novel in a language that is not hers, a... Les mer
Notebook of Roses and Civilization
Shortlisted for the 2007 Governor General's Award for Translation The heat of summer on an earlobe, a parking meter, the shadow of crabs and pigeons... Les mer
Mauve Desert
Fifteen-year-old Mélanie drives across the Arizona desert in a white Meteor, chasing fear and desire and the mysterious Angela Parkins, and breaking... Les mer
The Blue Books
Nicole Brossard's lucid, subversive and innovative work on language has influenced an entire generation of readers and writers. But three of her... Les mer
Svimlande nær
Nicole Brossard, fødd 1943 i Montreal, har i mange år vore ein av dei mest respekterte forfattarane i Québec. Ho reknar seg først og fremst som... Les mer