Bøker av Nikolaus Hirsch

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Cybermohalla Hub
Contributions by Can Altay, Cybermohalla Ensemble, Rana Dasgupta, Hu Fang, Naeem Mohaiemen, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Jacques Rancière, Raqs Media... Les mer
Flaca / Tom Humphreys
Contributions by Thomas Bayrle, Christian Egger, Nikolaus Hirsch, Sophie von Olfers. Emerging from the eponymous exhibition at Portikus in... Les mer
Art and Subjecthood
Texts by Ina Blom, Oliver Brokel, Caroline Busta, Stefan Deines, Hal Foster, Stefanie Heraeus, Jutta Koether, Magdalena Nieslony, Michael... Les mer
Institution Building
This book presents a study that conceptualizes, tests, and practically applies the spatial strategy for the European Kunsthalle. The investigation is... Les mer
Gleis 17/Track 17
Texts by Alfred Gottwaldt, Nikolaus Hirsch, Susanne Kill, Wolfgang Lorch, Jorge Otero-Pailos, Diana Schulle, Andrea Wandel, Harald Welzer “Crimes... Les mer
On Boundaries
In several theoretical essays, dialogues on collaborative projects and reflections on his own work, the architect Nikolaus Hirsch explores the... Les mer