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Late Philosophical Writings
Although trained as a philosopher, Simone Weil (1909-43) contributed to a wide range of subjects, resulting in a rich field of interdisciplinary Weil... Les mer
On the Abolition of All Political Parties
Simone Weil-philosopher, activist, mystic-is one of the most uncompromising of modern spiritual masters. In "On the Abolition of All Political... Les mer
Ordenes makt
De 14 tekstene i utvalg ved Lajla Gedde-Dahl gjenspeiler bredden i Simone Weils forfatterskap. De spenner fra betraktninger om livet på fabrikken... Les mer
War and the Iliad
War and the Iliad is a perfect introduction to the range of Homer's art as well as a provocative and rewarding demonstration of the links... Les mer
Simone Weil: An Anthology
Simone Weil was one of the foremost thinkers of the twentieth century: a philosopher, theologian, critic, sociologist and political activist. This... Les mer
Letters to a Priest
Letter to a Priest encapsulates the sharp wit and questioning nature of Simone Weil. Regarded by Susan Sontag as 'one of the most uncompromising and... Les mer
Gravity and Grace
Gravity and Grace was the first ever publication by the remarkable thinker and activist, Simone Weil. In it Gustave Thibon, the farmer to whom she... Les mer
The Need for Roots
Hailed by Andre Gide as the patron saint of all outsiders, Simone Weil’s short life was ample testimony to her beliefs. In 1942 she fled France... Les mer
Oppression and Liberty
The remarkable French thinker Simone Weil is one of the leading intellectual and spiritual figures of the twentieth century. A legendary essayist,... Les mer