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The Indivisible Remainder
The maverick philosopher combines Schelling with popular film for a fascinating study of modern life. The feature which distinguishes the great... Les mer
Slavoj Zizek Presents Robspierre
Robespierre’s defense of the French Revolution remains one of the most powerful and unnerving justifications for political violence ever written,... Les mer
Slavoj Zizek Presents Trotsky
Soon after the Bolshevik victory in the Russian Revolution, Leon Trotsky led the Red Army against the counter-revolutionary White armies. Written in... Les mer
Slavoj Zizek Presents Mao
These early philosophical writings underpinned the Chinese revolutions and their clarion calls to insurrection remain some of the most stirring of... Les mer
Interrogating the Real
Presents collected writings of Slavoj Zizek - one of the world's leading contemporary cultural commentators. Drawing upon a range of his prolific... Les mer
Lacan: The Silent Partners
Jacques Lacan is the foremost psychoanalytic theorist after Freud. Revolutionizing the study of social relations, his work has been a major influence... Les mer
The Parallax View
The Parallax View is Slavoj Zizek's most substantial theoretical work to appear in many years; Zizek himself describes it as his magnum opus.... Les mer
Iraq: The Borrowed Kettle
In order to render the strange logic of dreams, Freud quoted the old joke about the borrowed kettle: (1) I never borrowed a kettle from you, (2) I... Les mer
The Metastases of Enjoyment
A disturbing and radical examination of the status of women and the role of violence in contemporary culture and... Les mer
Välkommen till verklighetens öken
I dessa essäer som kretsar kring följderna av den 11 september 2001, kriget mot terrorismen och postpolitikens förutsättningar och konsekvenser,... Les mer
Irak: att låna en kittel
Att låna en kittel hänvisar till ett skämt som Freud citerade för att belysa drömmarnas märkliga logik. En man kräver tillbaka sin utlånade... Les mer
Conversations With Zizek
In this book, Slavoj Zizek and Glyn Daly engage in a series of conversations which illustrate the originality of Zizek's thinking on psychoanalysis,... Les mer
Welcome to the Desert of the Real
On September 11, the USA was given the opportunity to realize what kind of a world it was a part of. It might have taken this opportunity - but it... Les mer
The Fragile Absolute
With typical brio and boldness, Slavoj Zizek argues in The Fragile Absloute that the subversive core of the Christian legacy is much too precious to... Les mer
The Fright of Real Tears
In this study the author challenges both cognitivist-historicist accounts of cinema and conventional film-theory. Arguing that the reading of Lacan... Les mer
Ideologins sublima objekt
I Ideologins sublima objekt lägger den slovenske kultur- och samhällskritikern Slavoj Zizek fram de grundläggande begreppen och strategierna för... Les mer
The Ticklish Subject
A spectre is haunting Western academia, the spectre of the Cartesian subject. Deconstructionists and Habermasians, cognitive scientists and... Les mer
The Zizek Reader
The Zizek Reader - which includes a Preface by Zizek and a new, previously unpublished essay on cyberspace - provides a comprehensive and accessible... Les mer
Plague of Fantasies
Slavoj Zizek is, without doubt, one of the most stimulating and vibrant thinkers of our time, and his idiosyncratic blend of Lacan and Hegel is... Les mer
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Lacan
"A modernist work of art is by definition 'incomprehensible"; it functions as a shock, as the irruption of a trauma which undermines the... Les mer
The Sublime Object of Ideology
In this provocative and original work, Slavoj Zizek takes a look at the question of human agency in a postmodern world. From the sinking of the... Les mer