Bøker av Stanislaw Lem

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I en fjern kant av verdensrommet ligger planeten Solaris. Overflaten er dekket av en mystisk, flytende substans som kan anta de mest utrolige former.... Les mer
The classic sci-fi novel - now a major Hollywood movie starring George Clooney and directed by the Academy Award-winning Steven Soderbergh. When... Les mer
Memoirs of a Space Traveler
Ijon Tichy is an ordinary space traveler whose extraordinary curiosity leads him to the very fringes of science. Their plans are grandiose, the... Les mer
The Chain of Chance
Written in the style of a detective novel, The Chain of Chance is classic Lem: a combination of action, hard science, and philosophical... Les mer
His Master’s Voice
Twenty-five hundred scientists have been herded into an isolated site in the Nevada desert. A neutrino message of extraterrestrial origin has been... Les mer
A Perfect Vacuum
In A Perfect Vacuum, Stanislaw Lem presents a collection of book reviews of nonexistent works of literature--works that, in many cases, could not... Les mer