Bøker av Vinciane Despret

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Tenke som en rotte
Tenker rotten? Som den belgiske vitenskaps­filosofen Vinciane Despret (f. 1959) viser her, handler ikke dette spørsmålet bare om hvordan rotten... Les mer
Living as a Bird
In the first days of spring, birds undergo a spectacular metamorphosis. After a long winter of migration and peaceful coexistence, they suddenly... Les mer
Our Grateful Dead
Vinciane Despret’s unique storytelling, woven with ethnography and family history, assembles accounts of those living their daily lives with their... Les mer
Women Who Make a Fuss
Virginia Woolf, to whom university admittance had been forbidden, watched the universities open their doors. Though she was happy that her sisters... Les mer
The Dance of the Arabian Babbler
A groundbreaking reflection on the process by which one arrives at an ethological theory. How do humans study the complex worlds of animals... Les mer
Fabrice Samyn. Am I?
The first major monograph on the work of contemporary Belgian artist Fabrice Samyn Contemporary Belgian artist Fabrice Samyn (b. 1981) works in a... Les mer
What Would Animals Say If We Asked the Right Questions?
“You are about to enter a new genre, that of scientific fables, by which I don’t mean science fiction, or false stories about science, but, on... Les mer
Our Emotional Makeup
Broken hearts, edgy nerves, tightened throats—our emotions grab and take hold of us. But if our emotions appear obvious to us, are they necessarily... Les mer