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Situations, Sings
A collection of twelve formally distinct poems collaboratively written by Jack Collom and Lyn Hejinian. The two poets began working together in 1992,... Les mer
Selected Poems 1965-2000
"Go to New York and you'll be famous in five years," Ted Berrigan told Merrill Gilfillan in 1969. That time spent in New York gave rise to... Les mer
Carla Harryman’s latest challenge to the separation of literary genres features the sensual world and critical perspectives of a maverick baby,... Les mer
Private Lemonade
"While others are busy catching their own reflection in the storefront of poetry, Godfrey goes to work on the damage and squalor of the... Les mer
"... full of known earthly places like the Sahara, Old Russia, and Heathrow Airport, jumbled together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle map of the... Les mer
100 Multiple-Choice Questions
On the 30th anniversary of its original publication in an obscure literary journal, Adventures in Poetry is proud to re-present John Ashbery's... Les mer
I Know Where I’m Going
"Fran Carlen is the consummate inventory-taker – of city life, of language, of minor indiscretions, of the 'mine inside the mind.' I Know... Les mer
The Seasons
"If John Clare had toured the United States with Oscar Wilde, their notebooks, twisted together in a tornado and edited by Audubon and... Les mer
Far Out West
“39 poems of humour and duress, written while attending to remnants of my childhood on satellite waves, realizing an inherent... Les mer
The Nearness of the Way You Look Tonight
A selection of recent poems by a poet of whom James Schuyler wrote: “Wit is never distant from the scenes he invents, a metaphysical wit suggestive... Les mer
Range Finder
“I have nowhere to go / that isn't automatically written language.” Is there such a thing as surrealist meditation? Non-narrative... Les mer
A Minute Without Danger
Agitation, determination, fierce confusion and a pitch-perfect sense of humor all interact chemically in Jacqueline Waters’ first book of poems.... Les mer
Agenda Melt
A capacious tent of splendor in a gender veldt, Agenda Melt, Elmslie's third book with visuals by Trevor Winkfield, juxtaposes new poems and theatre... Les mer