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Journey to the Sun
The subtitle to JOURNEY TO THE SUN offers this summary: "Wherein the Author recounts his travels, at the tender age of Thirteen, to the Source... Les mer
Parse is a translation of Edwin A. Abbott's How To Parse: An Attempt to Apply the Principles of Scholarship to English Grammar. First published in... Les mer
To After That
Poetry. Fiction. A true account of a fictional work. Renee Gladman is the author of four previous books, most recently NEWCOMER CAN'T SWIM, prose... Les mer
The Route
Patrick Durgin and Jen Hofer met in a supermarket in Iowa City in 1998. They have not lived in the same city since 1999. Jen currently lives in Los... Les mer
The Transformation
Juliana Spahr has lived in many places, including Chillicothe (Ohio), Buffalo (New York), Honolulu (Hawaii), and Brooklyn (New York). She has... Les mer
The PoPedology of an Ambient Language
Edwin Torres was born in New York City. His books include In The Function Of External Circumstances, The All-Union Day Of The Shock Worker, and... Les mer
City Eclogue
Ed Roberson was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In addition to writing poetry, he has pursued a variety of remarkable interests. He has... Les mer
Laura Moriarty was born in S1. Paul, Minnesota and grew up in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and in Northern California. She attended the University of... Les mer
Jocelyn Saidenberg is the author of Mortal City (Parentheses Writing Series) and CUSP (Kelsey St. Press), winner of the Frances Jaffer Book Award and... Les mer
To the Cognoscenti
Tom Mandel grew up in Chicago and was educated in its jazz and blues clubs and at the University of Chicago where he studied on the Committee on... Les mer
Noh Business
Working within a lively intersection, where the theatrical encounters the critical and the critical crosses with the historical, Murray Edmond has... Les mer
Open Clothes
In an afternote to the poems of Open Clothes Steve Benson explains, "The words in the texts in this book are, with extremely rare exceptions,... Les mer
Occupational Treatment
Taylor Brady grew up in Tampa, Florida, and since 1998 has lived in San Francisco. He is the author of Yesterday's News (published by Factory School)... Les mer
The Up and Up
The Up and Up is a book of poems in prose without punctuation. The works unfold across linguistic strata to produce a wry comedy of manners vaguely... Les mer
Fashionable Noise: On Digital Poetics
Brian Kim Stefans’ Fashionable Noise: On Digital Poetics eludes any singular description — it is too various. At once, Fashionable Noise explodes... Les mer
Rodrigo Toscano’s Platform is a political one; his writings are predicated on the political conditions of contemporary life. But his work is not... Les mer
Tis of Thee
With figures X, Y, and Z, Fanny Howe constructs "a repressed but emotional history" of encounters and unions between races, classes,... Les mer
Poetical Dictionary
Lohren Green’s Poetical Dictionary concludes with chaos and begins with acrobatics. In between these he presents us with "both a book of words... Les mer
Tan Lin is a writer, artist, and critic. He has written Lotion Bullwhip Giraffe (published by Sun & Moon Press). His visual and video work has been... Les mer
Bad History
BAD HISTORY is back ....           a duration of events which do not cease to occur. First published in 1998 in an edition of... Les mer
Sentence by sentence, line by line, lighthouse casts horizons. A possible allusion to Virginia Woolf's To The Lighthouse can be discerned in the... Les mer
Some Vague Wife
Some Vague Wife, Kathy Lou Schultz's third published volume of writing, was written specifically for Atelos and with Atelos's stated interest in... Les mer
The Crave
As is often the case with artists (as with athletes) whose moves seem effortless, Kit Robinson writes inimitable work. No one can replicate his... Les mer
Jalal Toufic is a writer, film theorist, and video artist. His video and installation work, which include Credits Included: A Video... Les mer