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Midnight Notes Goes to School
Out of the Mexican southeast, a new society is emerging, one based on communal lands, recuperation of indigenous culture, gender equality,... Les mer
Capital’s Greek Cage
“If we are to understand molecular biopolitics then we must see it working in the participatory mechanism of fascism and today’s fascism from... Les mer
Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl
The Young-Girl is not always young; more and more frequently, she is not even female. She is the figure of total integration in a disintegrating... Les mer
The Administration of Fear
We are living under the administration of fear: fear has become an environment, an everyday landscape. There was a time when wars, famines, and... Les mer
Fukushima Mon Amour
Four literary and political essays on the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster of March 11, 2011, following the earthquake and tsunami that struck the... Les mer
Terror From the Air
According to Peter Sloterdijk, the twentieth century started on a specific day and place: April 22, 1915, at Ypres in Northern France. That day, the... Les mer
The Worst Book I Ever Read
Literary Nonfiction. Literay Criticism. Over 400 pages of the most searing, scandalous and scurrilous denunciations of fellow writers ever to appear... Les mer
Ethereal Shadows
Focusing on the recent Italian "videocracy," this book documents the emergence of the first Italian media mogul, Silvio Berlusconi, and his... Les mer
Toward Secession
A new collection of critical essays from veteran artist, author, and critic Richard Kostelanetz. Kostelanetz was born in New York City in 1940 and... Les mer
Caliban and the Witch
Moving from the peasant revolts of the late Middle Ages to the witch hunts and the rise of mechanical philosophy, Federici investigates the... Les mer