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Capital in the twenty-first century
What are the grand dynamics that drive the accumulation and distribution of capital? Questions about the long-term evolution of inequality, the... Les mer
The Writer of Modern Life
Walter Benjamin's essays on the great French lyric poet Charles Baudelaire revolutionized not just the way we think about Baudelaire, but our... Les mer
Walter Benjamin
In the frenzied final years of the Weimar Republic, amid economic collapse and mounting political catastrophe, Walter Benjamin emerged as the most... Les mer
The Arcades Project
The Arcades Project is Benjamin's effort to represent and to critique the bourgeois experience of 19th-century history, and, in doing so, to liberate... Les mer
The Poems of Emily Dickinson
Emily Dickinson, poet of the interior life, imagined words/swords, hurling barbed syllables/piercing. Nothing about her adult appearance or... Les mer