Complete Shorter Poems

An important and innovative edition of Milton's shorter verse & the first volume to present the poems with the original spelling and pronunciations intact, offering readers the opportunity to experience the vitality of the poems as they were experienced by Milton’s contemporaries.

– Includes Milton's original Latin poems, with a new English translation on facing pages for cross-comparison

– Serves as a companion to Lewalski's Paradise Lost and Loewenstein's prose selections of Milton

– Features both collected and uncollected poetry in English, Latin, and Greek, the latter two with translations

– Retains original spelling and punctuation of Milton's 1645 Poems and his 1671 Paradise Regained and Sampson Agonistes

– Offers readers comprehensive footnotes, marginal glosses, chronology, bibliography, and longer discussions in introductions to sections


Nøkkelord: Poesi Klassiker