The Pastoral Epistles Through the Centuries

Drawing on scholarly insights and a comprehensive array of texts from the entirety of Christian tradition, The Pastoral Epistles Through the Centuries explores the rich legacy of the Pastorals as it has unfolded over the centuries.

* Explores the important role of the New Testament letters to Timothy and Titus, known collectively as the Pastoral Epistles, in the development of early Christianity
* Surveys the many theological, cultural, literary, political, and artistic uses of the Pastorals, and the broader influence these letters have had throughout the ages
* Considers the Pastorals' complex influence on issues such as church structure and rites, the roles of women in Christian religious life, the authority of scripture, and the development of monastic orders
* Examines the many ways in which language and concepts from the Pastoral Epistles (such as "fight the good fight" and "the root of all evils") have filtered into our cultural vernacular
* References the works of major theologians and interpreters from all periods, and places special emphasis on traditionally underrepresented interpreters