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Authenticity Is a Feeling
Literary Nonfiction. Performance Studies. Hybrid Genre. AUTHENTICITY IS A FEELING: MY LIFE IN PME-ART is a compelling hybrid of history, memoir, and... Les mer
Merz Structure No. 2 Burnt by Children at Play Kennedy
MERZ STRUCTURE NO. 2 BURNT BY CHILDREN AT PLAY is comprised of a number of individual poems—from love lyrics to conceptual elegies, from prompts... Les mer
Polyamorous Love Song
Fiction. From interdisciplinary writer and performer Jacob Wren comes POLYAMOROUS LOVE SONG, a novel of intertwined narratives concerning the... Les mer
Picture World
PICTURE WORLD is the first complete book by the Danish poet Niels Frank to be published in English. By turns funny and serious, ironic and sincere,... Les mer
Trivial Everyday Things
Translated from the Danish by Martin Aitken. Jørgen Leth is one of Denmark's foremost modern poets and a leading international filmmaker. As a... Les mer
Announcing the long-awaited reprint of Steve McCaffery's rare 1984 intervention into fiction (if "fiction" indeed this be). Taking its... Les mer
Tale Light
This volume brings together selections from Karen Mac Cormack's poetry publications 1984-2009: Nothing by Mouth, Straw Cupid, Quill Driver, QUIRKS &... Les mer
Now Lays the Sunshine By
Poetry. In NOW LAYS THE SUNSHINE BY, Andrew Hughes detunes the lyres, cranks the gain on the harmonium and pitches the amps to wail. Consider... Les mer
Cop Kisser
Cop Kisser is a book of 18 poems in a variety of modes. Some are quasiconceptual, some repetitively relational, and some are hyperactive lyric... Les mer
ESP: Accumulation Sonnets
Poetry. In ESP: ACCUMULATION SONNETS, we "listen in" to hear language that usually passes through. MillAr asks: if you throw out the nets,... Les mer
Declining America
Poetry. DECLINING AMERICA is a series of long poems which depict "america" not as a nation but as a linguistic strategy. The long poems... Les mer
Expeditions of a Chimæra
Expeditions, taken up by the explorers we all are, ultimately cannot be read. Only experienced. On venturing into it, you’ll find your ticket is no... Les mer
The Rose Concordance
In The Rose Concordance, Angela Carr sets up the rules for a game and then breaks them. The poems trace a constellation of fountains, whose waters... Les mer
Ex Machina
Poetry. A long poem at the fringes of the Canadian tradition, EX MACHINA is a latticework of poetic and philosophical statements concerning the... Les mer
This & That Lenin
yet this Lenin likes to gaze into the distance yet that Lenin dislikes Futurism yet this Lenin likes white wine with his caviar. The lake,... Les mer
Every Way Oakly
Originally published in an edition of 100 copies for a class at the University of Alberta in 1976, Every Way Oakly is Steve McCafferys homolinguistic... Les mer
What if words evolved in species and genera just like birds and dinosaurs? What if you classified them in kingdomsand families? Made a phylogenetic... Les mer
The Basho Variations
The Basho Variations gathers thirty-four translations of Basho’s famous haiku. In doing so it enters an august (albeit scanty) lineage of maverick... Les mer
Sweetheart of Mine
Bring on the banjo! This is poetry with strings attached. In his abcediary based on bluegrass standards, Monty Reid passes through the soundhole into... Les mer
A Mysterious Chapbook by an Undisclosed Author
I’m not even going to try to sell you this one. If you’re curious, order it. Subscribers will get a copy whether they like it or not. I’ll... Les mer
Blissful Times
A creature, a possible he actually, in perhaps to whereas, it hardly / it indeed, be ‘fellow.’ Be asking to appear at, asking to think of,... Les mer
Weight (Revised Canadian Edition)
The poetry of Weight is situated on the sharpest available intersection of two extremes: the blandly narrative, and the wildly disjunctive and... Les mer
VDB Wordlist
n 1634 Harmen Meyndertsz van den Bogaert traveled with two other Dutchmen into the Mohawk and Oneida territory of the Six Nations in upper New York... Les mer
Tired of the same old Can Lit? Had your fill of The Beautiful Poetry? You’re not alone. BookThug is pleased to present West Coast poet Elizabeth... Les mer