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n 1634 Harmen Meyndertsz van den Bogaert traveled with two other Dutchmen into the Mohawk and Oneida territory of the Six Nations in upper New York... Les mer
Tired of the same old Can Lit? Had your fill of The Beautiful Poetry? You’re not alone. BookThug is pleased to present West Coast poet Elizabeth... Les mer
BafterC Volume 2 Number 1
After more than 10 years in hiatus, it's back. BafterC originally ran it's first Volume of 4 issues in the early 90s and was edited by Jay and Hazel... > Les mer
Wolves (lone.ly)
In WOLVES (lone.ly), Jonathan Ball meditates on the word ‘wolves’ to produce a series of disjointed poems exploring the meanings the word has... Les mer
The Haikube is a free-moving three-dimensional cube handmade from ebony. Each three-inch face is comprised of nine unit cubes. On the exterior face... Les mer
If Language
Most anagrammaticians satisfy their urge with the rearranged name of a celebrity (Marshall McLuhan = Malls launch harm) or perhaps, if more... Les mer
Crows in the Wind
A crow in the wind seems to know as much as you do. Crows in the Wind is the first part of a series of chapbook-length poems by Canada’s... Les mer
A Boy's First Book of Chlamydia
Daniel f. Bradley has been developing his craft in Toronto for the last 20 years with little to no recognition from literary critics. In fact,... Les mer
Montreality: B-sides & Rarities
This new chapbook from critic’s pick Stephen Cain, collects rare and previously unreleased material, including lost concrete and sound poems,... Les mer
Retreat Diary
This double-edged little book from Margaret Christakos contains two new works that will turn on your brain and your body. Retreat Diary is an erotic,... Les mer
ICON TACT Poems 1984 - 2001
All the sections of ICON TACT were conceived as book-length single texts or serial poems; some of them were published as such in limited editions... Les mer
Mi Sing: A Second Alphabet of Lipograms
Victor Coleman’s first alphabet of lipograms, LETTER DROP, appeared in the year 2000 in a limited edition of 52 copies. This new collection... Les mer
The blackberry – ubiquitous west coast fruit – is an incarnation of the principle of the commons. No one buys blackberries – they grow... Les mer
Clearance: Selections from the Journals of Dr Michael Purdon, Parapsychologist Compiled and Edited by Jason Dickson Dr Michael Purdon disappeared... Les mer
The Hunt
The Hunt is a collection of postcards that tell the fragmented story of a nameless family’s search for the murderer of their mother. It is a... Les mer
Pissing Ice; An Anthology of 'New' Canadian Poets
This cheeky little anthology is 40 pages long from title page to colophon, and has been stapled and bound into printed folded wrappers, which are, of... Les mer
Selected Losses
Jon Paul Fiorentino’s Selected Losses is an irreverent and energetic exercise in the poetic language of loserdom. Filled with sharp, witty turns of... Les mer
air pressure
air pressure is a book composed by eye. Rather than grouping poems by defining themes, chapters, or sections, as is typical of more familiar books of... Les mer
Toronto: BookThug, Limited Edition. 4to. Spiral Bound. Fine / No Jacket. No date [1999] One of 104 photocopied copies bound by plastic coil with... Les mer
The Bad Sequence
Originally performed at The SpeakEasy Series of Informal Talks in Toronto in March of 2004, this text pokes fun at itself while asking a few... Les mer
Fun With Pataphysics
Fun With ’Pataphysics gives definitive answers to your unanswerable poetic questions and offers all the unsolicted writing advice you will never... Les mer
We Are Here
When his collection Grundstof, from which most of the poems in We Are Here hail, was published in 2004, it was welcomed in one of Denmark’s most... Les mer
Noise Present At The Moment Less Clear
With a series of minimalist orchestrations, Noise Present at the Moment Less Clear by Paul Hegedus seeks to explore the musical nature of linguistic... Les mer
The First Confessional Poems of the Toronto Poetry and Painters Guild
Jesse Huisken confesses: ‘to live in Toronto where he writes and paints.’ This series of wonderfully pretentious and laughably self-important... Les mer