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Reptile House
Reptile House, by Lisa Jarnot, is a series of Crocodile Odes. This is not as straight forward as it sounds. Playful and sharp, these amphibious... Les mer
Us Them Poems
Us Them Poems is a series of twenty prose poems about those who carry out a secret agenda and those who all of a sudden and unavoidably find... Les mer
Hazard is a collection of prose-poems and some other fine bonbons about the dangers and delights of the art-making life. In particular it explores... Les mer
Montreal, 1977. What was happening in conceptual art, performance art, multi-media experiments and poetry collaborations was happening around the... Les mer
Pencil of Rays and Spiked Mace
Produced in conjunction with the author’s appearance at Harbourfront’s 2004 International Festival of Authors in Toronto as part of their... Les mer
Nothing By Mouth
Originally published in 1984 by Underwhich Editions, Nothing by Mouth is Karen Mac Cormack’s first book of poetry. Unavailable for some time, this... Les mer
Cow Swims Lake Ontario
In the ominous year of 1984, David McFadden published The Art of Darkness, undoubtedly one of his finest volumes of poetry, where [beginning on page... Les mer
Two From 'In The Millennium'
This chapbook contains ‘Prince George, Part I’ and 'Sixty,’ two poems from a larger collection McKinnon has been working on for a number of... Les mer
Set Search . . . Criteria Turn OFF Personalized Search (Beta) for these results » Search is what it hasn’t been looking for. Sponsored Links: A... Les mer
Lack Lyrics
Imagine the conflictual aesthetic that might arise out of being downsized from what essentially amounts to a dead-end job you don't find particularly... Les mer
The Etcetera Barbecue
After the ‘after the end’, after the dreadful pulps, after all manner of casual abortion, cosy mutilation, pointless sacrifice and staggering... Les mer
Compression Sonnets
Taking his cue from Spanish poet Ramon Fernandez’s desire to reduce the venerable romancero to its "minimal elements—the prosodic base... Les mer
In September 2003 Rob Read began to edit, transform, and  ‘treat’ his incoming junk e-mail or ‘spam’ into poems which were then sent out... Les mer
The Men: A Lyric Book
In Vancouver as the dark winter tapered into spring I undertook to sing My life my body these words The men from a perspective. The Men is... Les mer
All Boy
Originally published in 2001 by the now defunct housepress, BookThug has re-issued this signature Stephen... Les mer
Je Nathanaël
Je Nathanaël is an endangered text. Neither essay nor poem nor novel nor sex-show, what it takes from language it gives back to the body. Through... Les mer
Species Ex(hib)it
Composed in part as an unwritable response to the events of September 11th, 2001, Species: Ex(hib)it accuses language’s inability to account for... Les mer
Vinci, Later
Danish poet Morten Søndergaard has been living abroad and spent some time in the little Italian town of Vinci. The poetry in this collection is... Les mer
Mutations is Hugh Thomas’ first book of poetry. Many of the poems contained within are rearrangements of already existing textual material (ads,... Les mer
The Illustrated Venright English Dictionary
Illustrations by William Davison and Sherri Lyn Higgins Ever wondered exactly what ‘berserk’ means? How about ‘komoto’? Or ‘tantrum’?... Les mer
The Apothecary
I want an ingenious fibre to be treated as funny tragedy expressing a classic argument against materialism which runs like this: which changes of... Les mer
The Iliad Book XXII: The Death of Hector
And Achilles swift-footed he spoke filled with anger: ‘You’ve screwed me, Apollo, you biggest headfucker of all the gods, you turned me... Les mer
What Happend
What Happened is a new collection of ‘pre-enlightenment’ poems about everything Tom Walmsley considers significant, both to himself and... Les mer
The Sands of Dream
The Sands of Dream is the first English translation of Thérèse Renaud’s earliest book, considered by some to be the first truly Surrealist... Les mer