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German for Artists
German for Artists is a hybrid pocket grammar book and an artist's humorous reflections on the more philosophical aspects of the German language.... Les mer
The Readymades
John Holten’s remarkably confident debut novel The Readymades uses and abuses a number of literary genres: found texts from the history of modern... Les mer
The Kakofonie no. 2
Taking as a starting point the idea of the political in contemporary Europe and the lack of a determining political zeitgeist, this issue of... > Les mer
I, Coleoptile
Ihre Gedichte gehören zum Größten, was deutschsprachige Lyrik dieser Tage kann: Ann Cotten Her poems are among the greatest to be written in... Les mer
You Are Here
Broken Dimanche Press is pleased to launch with the release of a catalogue of intention, a guide book to Europe from a unique point of view. From... Les mer