Analogies of Escape

"Will we escape analogy," Claude Royet-Journoud asked. Does Analogies of Escape answer this question? Or does it rather use that famous line as the enigma for a set of variations--a theme always there, under the interplay of verse and prose, but never actually sounded? The author of these "analogies," in any case, finds all analogies, all answers, questionable.

" among the most important writers, translators and publishers of avant-garde literature in our time.... [In The Silhouette of the Bridge] his general subject--memory, the mother of the muses--is classical, while the form, mixing poetry and prose fragments, is more experimental. The result is a highly engaging and eclectic exploration of the follies of memory.... W's light touch and understated humor cast a sustained spell.... we are privileged to listen in..."
Publishers Weekly

"The mode of investigation of Silhouette is more fluid than that of Light While There Is Light, resembling the writings of Simone Weil and Saint Augustine... the book is rigorous, intelligent.... Most of all, it captures the urgency that drives most spiritual writing--the desire to come to terms with consciousness and time, the finite and infinite. The task Waldrop has established for himself in this book is immense, but ... it is one that he is more than capable ot tackling."
– David Clippinger, Rain Taxi


Nøkkelord: Poesi

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