Sophocles: Trachiniae

Sophocles’ Trachiniae is, in the editor’s words, "a subtle and sophisticated play about primitive emotions". It is also a play which presents problems to a modern audience. Making full use of recent Sphoclean scholarship, Mrs Easterling attempts in her Introduction a detailed literary analysis of Trachiniae, helping the reader to understand better its intricate structure, the treatment of Deianira and Heracles, and the meaning of the final scenes. The notes in the Commentary of grammar, syntax and style include material which will be helpful to comparative beginners in the language, but the commentary as a whole is intended for anyone with a close interest in Greek tragedy. This is an edition for classical scholars, undergraduates, and students in the upper forms of schools. The Introduction is designed to be of use to readers who do not know Greek, as well as to specialists.


Preface; Abbreviations; Introduction; 1. The play; 2. Stage action; 3. The myth; 4. The date; Trachiniae; Commentary; Appendices; Glossary of metrical terms; Indexes; Map of Trachis and the Malian Gulf.