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Restructuring Post-Communist Russia
Since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the question of ‘whither Russia?’ has been the source of ceaseless speculation both at home and... Les mer
Expressionism and Modernism in the American Theatre
Although often dismissed as a minor offshoot of the better-known German movement, expressionism on the American stage represents a critical phase in... Les mer
The Sound Structure of English
The Sound Structure of English provides a clear introduction to English phonetics and phonology. Tailored to suit the needs of individual, one-term... Les mer
Linguistics: An Introduction
Written by a team based at one of the world's leading centres for linguistic teaching and research, the second edition of this highly successful... Les mer
Cartesian Linguistics
In this extraordinarily original and profound work, Noam Chomsky discusses themes in the study of language and mind since the end of the sixteenth... Les mer
William James and the Metaphysics of Experience
William James is frequently considered one of America’s most important philosophers, as well as a foundational thinker for the study of religion.... Les mer
Governing Sustainability
The crisis of unsustainability is, above all else, a crisis of governance. The transition to a more sustainable world will inevitably require radical... Les mer
The Cambridge Companion to Hume
Although best known for his contributions to the theory of knowledge, metaphysics, and philosophy of religion, Hume also influenced developments in... Les mer
Ancient Epistemology
This is the first title in the Key Themes in Ancient Philosophy series, which provides concise books, written by major scholars and accessible to... Les mer
Modern Art and the Grotesque
This volume examines how the grotesque has shaped the history, practice, and theory of art in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The grotesque... Les mer
The Cambridge Companion to the Origin of Species
The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin is universally recognised as one of the most important science books ever written. The Origin of Species is... Les mer
A paradox can be defined as an unacceptable conclusion derived by apparently acceptable reasoning from apparently acceptable premises. Many paradoxes... Les mer
Three Works
First published in 1955, this volume contains three works by Friedrich von Hardenberg (1772–1801), the German Romantic philosopher and poet whose... Les mer
Artistic Truth
It is unfashionable to talk about artistic truth. Yet the issues traditionally addressed under that term have not disappeared. Indeed, questions... Les mer
The Recognition and Management of Early Psychosis
Psychotic illness is managed and treated with best results when it is recognized at the earliest stages of a person developing the disorder, or when... Les mer
The Sins of the Fathers
For nearly two millennia, Western law visited the sins of fathers and mothers upon their illegitimate children, subjecting them to systematic... Les mer
An Introduction to Catholicism
The Vatican. The Inquisition. Contraception. Celibacy. Apparitions and miracles. Plots and scandals. The Catholic Church is seldom out of the news.... Les mer
The Uses of the Past from Heidegger to Rorty
In this book Robert Piercey asks how it is possible to do philosophy by studying the thinkers of the past. He develops his answer through readings of... Les mer
Heidegger's Concept of Truth
This major study of Heidegger is the first to examine in detail the concept of existential truth that he developed in the 1920s. Daniel O. Dahlstrom... Les mer
Locke: A Biography
This is the first comprehensive biography of John Locke to be published in nearly a half century. Setting Locke’s life within exciting historical... Les mer
Perception: A representative theory
What is the nature of, and what is the relationship between, external objects and our visual perceptual experience of them? In this book, Frank... Les mer
The Cambridge Companion to Harold Pinter
Harold Pinter was one of the world’s leading and most controversial writers, and his impact and influence continues to grow. This Companion... Les mer
Slavery and Sentiment on the American Stage, 1787–1861
For almost a hundred years before Uncle Tom’s Cabin burst on to the scene in 1852, the American theatre struggled to represent the evils of... Les mer
Music and the Myth of Arcadia in Renaissance Italy
The idea that there was a time when men and women lived in perfect harmony with nature and with themselves, though rooted in classical antiquity, was... Les mer