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Music and the Myth of Arcadia in Renaissance Italy
The idea that there was a time when men and women lived in perfect harmony with nature and with themselves, though rooted in classical antiquity, was... Les mer
Sisters in Sin
The prostitute, and her sister in sin - the so-called ‘fallen’ woman - were veritable obsessions of American Progressive Era culture. Their... Les mer
Debussy and the Theatre
Debussy and the Theatre means, in effect, 'Debussy and Pellias et Milisande', the only stage work Debussy chose and completed himself without a... Les mer
Bipolar II Disorder
Bipolar depression is now known to exist as a spectrum of disorders rather than a single disease entity. Bipolar II Disorder exists on this spectrum... Les mer
The Spectator and the Spectacle
Spectators and audiences are everywhere in contemporary culture. However, even in conventional performance, whether in the theatre, in film or... Les mer
Alternative Christs
Few, if any, individuals have had such a profound influence on Western culture as Jesus, even though not a single detail of his life or teaching can... Les mer
Coleridge, Philosophy and Religion
Coleridge’s relation to his German contemporaries constitutes the toughest problem in assessing his standing as a thinker. For the last... Les mer
Political Judgement
From Plato to Max Weber, the attempt to understand political judgement took the form of a struggle to define the relationship between politics and... Les mer
A Semiotic Theory of Theology and Philosophy
The concern of this work is with developing an alternative to standard categories in theology and philosophy, especially in terms of how they deal... Les mer
After Tragedy and Triumph
The story of American Jewry is inextricably entwined with the awesome defeat of the Holocaust and the rebirth of the state of Israel. However, for... Les mer
Addresses to the German Nation
This is the first translation of Fichte’s addresses to the German nation for almost 100 years. The series of 14 speeches, delivered whilst Berlin... Les mer
The Environment and International Relations
This exciting new textbook introduces students to the ways in which the theories and tools of International Relations can be used to analyse and... Les mer
The Ethics of Modernism
What was the ethical perspective of modernist literature? How did Yeats, Eliot, Joyce, Woolf and Beckett represent ethical issues and develop their... Les mer
The Politics of Spain
Spain’s evolution from authoritarian dictatorship to modern democracy was a remarkable achievement, and it created a model that has since been... Les mer
The Cambridge History of Turkey
This volume examines the rise of Turkish power in Anatolia from the arrival of the first Turks at the end of the eleventh century to the fall of... Les mer
Apuleius’ famous novel, The Metamorphoses, tells the story of a man who was magically changed into an ass, and who had various (humorous, sad,... Les mer
African Women’s Movements
Women entered the political scene in Africa after the 1990s, claiming more than one third of the parliamentary seats in countries like Mozambique,... Les mer
Beckett, Technology and the Body
Critics have often focused on interiority in Beckett's works, privileging the mind over the body. In this new approach, the first sustained analysis... Les mer
The Persistence of Modernism
Modernism is commonly perceived as a response to the cataclysmic events of the early twentieth century. To what extent then can we explain its... Les mer
Politics in Argentina, 1890–1930
This study is concerned with the forty-year period before 1930, when Argentina experienced rapid economic and social growth broken only by the First... Les mer
Ethical Joyce
Marian Eide argues that the central concern of James Joyce’s writing was the creation of a literary ethics. Eide examines Joyce’s ethical... Les mer
Theodore Spandounes
Theodore Spandounes belonged to a Byzantine refugee family who had settled in Venice after the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople in 1453. He wrote... Les mer
D. H. Lawrence and the Bible
The Bible, as this book demonstrates, plays a key role in nearly all D. H. Lawrence’s work. It supplies not only the inspiration but on occasion... Les mer
The Politics of Evil
In The Politics of Evil, Clifton Crais provides a unique interpretation of South African history and a fresh approach to the study of power, culture... Les mer