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Dante and the Franciscans
Nick Havely examines the connections between Dante, the Franciscans and the Papacy as they appear in the Commedia and presents the poem as one... Les mer
The Cambridge Introduction to J. M. Coetzee
The South African novelist and Nobel Laureate J. M. Coetzee is widely studied around the world and attracts considerable critical attention. With the... Les mer
Dante and Renaissance Florence
Simon Gilson explores Dante’s reception in his native Florence between 1350 and 1481. He traces the development of Florentine civic culture and the... Les mer
The Vicar's Garden and Other Stories
The volume collects together manuscript and other early versions of thirteen of D. H. Lawrence’s short stories, including some of the best-known... Les mer
Henry James and the Culture of Publicity
This book examines the relationship between the writings of Henry James and the historical formation of mass culture. Throughout his career, James... Les mer
Philosophical Chaucer
Mark Miller’s innovative study argues that Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales represent an extended mediation on agency, autonomy and practical reason.... Les mer
The Cambridge Companion to Hegel and Nineteenth-Century Philosophy
The Cambridge Companion to Hegel and Nineteenth-Century Philosophy examines Hegel within his broader historical and philosophical contexts. Covering... Les mer
The Poetry of Chartism
Between 1838 and 1852, the leading Chartist newspaper, the Northern Star, published over 1,000 poems written by more than 350 poets - as the... Les mer
A History of Indian Philosophy: Vol I
In this benchmark five-volume study, originally published between 1922 and 1955, Surendranath Dasgupta examines the principal schools of thought that... Les mer
Mill's 'On Liberty': A Critical Guide
John Stuart Mill’s essay On Liberty, published in 1859, has had a powerful impact on philosophical and political debates ever since its first... Les mer
The Cambridge Introduction to Edith Wharton
Born in New York into a world of wealth and privilege, and writing with unique insight into the lives of the rich and fashionable, Edith Wharton was... Les mer
A History of Korean Literature
This is a comprehensive narrative history of Korean literature. It provides a wealth of information for scholars, students and lovers of literature.... Les mer
Voices of the Nation
Throughout the nineteenth century, American fiction displayed a fascination with women’s speech - describing how women’s voices sound, what... Les mer
Philosophical Writings
George Berkeley (1685–1753) was a university teacher, a missionary, and later a Church of Ireland bishop. The over-riding objective of his long... Les mer
Philosophical Perspectives on Infinity
This book is an exploration of philosophical questions about infinity. Graham Oppy examines how the infinite lurks everywhere, both in science and in... Les mer
The Revolution in the Visual Arts and the Poetry of William Carlos Williams
The formation of Modernist literature took place in a cultural climate characterised by an unprecedented collaboration between painters, sculptors,... Les mer
Plato's Lysis
The Lysis is one of Plato’s most engaging but also puzzling dialogues; it has often been regarded, in the modern period, as a philosophical... Les mer
Plato's Meno
Given its brevity, Plato’s Meno covers an astonishingly wide array of topics: politics, education, virtue, definition, philosophical method,... Les mer
T. S. Eliot: The Modernist in History
The centenary of Eliot’s birth in 1988 provided the salutary occasion for a fresh look at his life and work and a reassessment in light of issues... Les mer
The Arte of English Poesie
A full reprint of the text of The Arte of English Poesie, a vivid record of the critical and creative methods of a prolific age, the late sixteenth... Les mer
The Place of Fiction in the Time of Science
In this book John Limon examines the various ways American authors have approached the writing of fiction (and justified that writing) in an age... Les mer
Print and the Poetics of Modern Drama
What does it matter what we read? The question of the materiality of the book has surprising consequences when applied to dramatic writing, where the... Les mer
Wyndham Lewis and the Art of Modern War
This collection is a specialised study to deal with the important question of Lewis’s aggression. The eight contributors consider Lewis’s career,... Les mer
Leibniz and China: A Commerce of Light
Why was Leibniz so fascinated by Chinese philosophy and culture? What specific forms did his interest take? How did his interest compare with the... Les mer