Exposure: Two Plays

DENVER: So, Jude comes over every now and then. We get to know him. We go through all the German gay pornography we got. Some tapes we watch twice. Jude brings some coke over the odd time and we have a real party. Coke’s easy to get up here. Can’t get a chunk of feta cheese to save your life, but coke – they fly it in, cut it up, fly it out. We get the run-off.

Expose yourself to one of the most original new voices in theatre with this collection of two uncompromising plays by Greg MacArthur.

Snowman: After years of wandering, Denver and Marjorie find themselves in a remote northern community at the edge of a glacier, chopping wood, renting out stolen videos and doing cocaine with Jude, a young gay man whose parents have abandoned him. When Jude discovers the body of a prehistoric boy frozen in the glacier, everyone finds their lives beginning to shift and thaw in unexpected ways.

girls! girls! girls!: Splitz deserved to win. Missy stole first place. Set in the cutthroat world of high school gymnastics, this play follows the Friday-night exploits of four teenage chums as they seek revenge for a loss on the vaulting horse. Told in a hypnotic, rap-meetsnursery- rhymes style, this play, which takes its cue from A Clockwork Orange and the Columbine massacre, is brutally violent as it explores what happens when emptiness becomes the norm.

Exposure includes an introduction by Peter Hinton.

‘For truly provocative theatre from a new voice, go see Snowman … it’s loopy, quirky and beautifully done.’ – CBC

‘[girls! girls! girls! is] wondrous, scary and heartbreaking.’ – Montreal Mirror

Nøkkelord: Drama Skuespill