Lisa Robertson’s Magenta Soul Whip

Poetry. Verses, essays, confessions, reports, translations, drafts, treatises, laments and utopias, 1995-2007. Collected by Elisa Sampedrin. Lisa Robertson's poems both court and cuckold subjectivity by unmasking its fundament of sex and hesitancy, the coil of doubt in its certitude. Reading her laments and utopias, we realize that, in any she and a she's assumption of thinking, language--whiplike--casts ahead of itself a fortuitous form. The form brims here pleasurably with dogs, movie stars, broths, painting's detritus, Latin, and pillage. We recognize our grand, saddened century. Editor Elisa Sampedrin says, "Every time I found a poem of hers, she saved me writing one. She gave volume to my intervals. I kept looking. I radiated. I made requests. I found other Lisa Robertsons and rejected them: she is not a flight attendant, not a cheerleader or home shopping host. She is chagrin's first companion, error. When I find her in person, I'll engage her in fisticuffs."

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