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Cinema of the Present
"Robertson proves hard to explain but easy to enjoy...Dauntlessly and resourcefully intellectual, Robertson can also be playful or blunt...She... Les mer
After the Future
After the Future explores our century-long obsession with the concept of "the future." Beginning with F. T. Marinetti's "Futurist... Les mer
The Brave Never Write Poetry
First published in 1985, when Daniel Jones was just twenty-six, THE BRAVE NEVER WRITE POETRY, the poet/critic/novelist's lone collection of... Les mer
Local Motion
We live, increasingly, in cities. Decisions about the things that matter to us most on a daily basis —our schools and roads and houses — happen... Les mer
Reading is slow, and writing is slower. Words are old-fashioned. Why not consider the communication of the future? In 1837, Sir Isaac Pitman began a... Les mer
When Fenelon Falls
"The meta-fictional aspect of the novel provides a generous extra layer of storytelling that is both funny and wise. The writing is strong and... Les mer
Indexical Elegies
With links to intense poetic works like John Berryman’s Dream Songs, Gilbert Sorrentino’s Corrosive Sublimate, and Erin Moure’s Furious, Jon... Les mer
Talented newcomer Jonathan Ball’s Clockfire is a suite of poetic blueprints for imaginary plays that would be impossible to produce — plays in... Les mer
Nine-year-old Phineas William Walsh has an encyclopedic, obsessive knowledge of the natural world. He knows that rockfish have swim bladders that can... Les mer
Eternal Hydra -
When a young scholar finds Eternal Hydra, a long-lost, legendary, and encyclopedic novel by an obscure Irish writer, she brings the manuscript to an... Les mer
Fences in Breathing
Invited to a quiet Swiss chateau by the enigmatic Tatiana Beaujeu Lehmann, Anne begins to slowly write a novel in a language that is not hers, a... Les mer
The Hayflick Limit
Shifting focus from the limits of the telescope to the limits of the microscope, the poems in Matthew Tierney’s second collection place a premium... Les mer
The Certainty Dream
“Reading Hall’s poems I feel I am not so much reading about something that already happened as I am having an actual experience in real... Les mer
Crabwise to the Hounds
With cameos by jackalopes, Glenn Gould, homemade spaceships, and Carl Linnaeus, these poems are astonishing for their technical agility and their... Les mer
On your bicycle, we are flying. In my sock feet and nightgown, I stand up on your handlebars, the prow of a ship heading into the great unknown, and... Les mer
Girls Fall Down
The station was being cleared now. Announcements were sounding over the pa system, men in uniform appearing, moving people quickly to the exits. A... Les mer
You monsoon across the alphabet, croon turbulence, and whisper: A is for alligator, against the Mississippi marooned on my gums. Gumbo thrums from... Les mer
What Stirs
Where does the fragile, robust self reside when "personal" voice is sent out online into an ironic masquerade ball of alias identity and... Les mer
HTO - Toronto
Drained by a half-dozen major watersheds, cut by a network of deep ravines and fronting on a Great Lake, Toronto is dominated by water. Recently, the... Les mer
Practical Dreamers
"The streets are full of admirable craftsmen, but so few practical dreamers." -Man Ray What if there were movies made the same way as... Les mer
The Steve Machine
Auden flees the small town of Capreol for Toronto, bewildered, HIV positive, and in search of an entirely new personality. He falls in love with orgy... Les mer
Saudade - The Possibilities of Place
The Portuguese word saudade has no direct English translation. In its simplest sense, it describes a feeling of longing for something that is now... Les mer