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Mauve Desert
Fifteen-year-old Mélanie drives across the Arizona desert in a white Meteor, chasing fear and desire and the mysterious Angela Parkins, and breaking... Les mer
Nerve Squall
Sonic congestion. Purgatorial traffic jam: corkscrewing countercochlearwise the only way out. Nerve Squall is a field guide like no other,... Les mer
Portable Altamont
When We Arrested James Spader It was the saddest thing I’d seen. How he kept thinking he was a cat and he wouldn’t get out of that filthy litter... Les mer
The Refrigerator Memory
Happiness You are my little wolf, my naked man in the morning. You find my sad ankles like spurs that jingle jangle jingle. You are my tuxedo, my... Les mer
The world until the glass vases. Dozens of Objects I’d worn against it had been six Matched earrings; arrayed once or twice but I, I used to... Les mer
Trout Stanley
Trout: Lookin’ for somethin’ I lost. Sugar: What – your sock, your pen, your homework assignment (laughing)? Are you cryin’. Trout: Yeah.... Les mer
uTOpia: Towards a New Toronto
Since the election of Mayor David Miller in November 2003, Toronto has experienced a wave of civic pride and enthusiasm not felt in decades. At... Les mer
The World is a heartbreaker
The World Is a Heartbreaker inaugurates a new subgenre: imposter poetry. This collection is a set of 1600 pseudohaikus, bite-sized chunks of poetic... Les mer
American Standard/Canada Dry
With Canada/US relations in the proverbial toilet (American Standard, of course), Stephen Cain’s third book blenderizes ‘pop’ culture, politics... Les mer
The City Man
Nominated for a Commonwealth Writers Prize (Canada and Caribbean region), a Toronto Book Award and a Books in Canada/Amazon.ca First Novel... Les mer
Down Sterling Road
Time you had a haricut. Look like a mop. Not that skinny. Skin and bloody bone, boy. Jacob breaks the point of his pencil but makes it look... Les mer
Exposure: Two Plays
DENVER: So, Jude comes over every now and then. We get to know him. We go through all the German gay pornography we got. Some tapes we watch twice.... Les mer
Althea: Do you believe in your own death? Every moment you are alive is endless and the present goes on and on with you inside it. Of course the end... Les mer
Moby Jane
Why, it's a whale of a book! Here comes Moby Jane - aga in! Originally published in 1987 and long out of print, Moby Jane contains ten years' worth... Les mer
The Pochsy Plays
Beckett meets Betty Boop in this trilogy of monologues by Canadian cult heroine Pochsy, a nasty, vapid, utterly charming vixen. In Pochsy's Lips,... Les mer
Safety of War
David spends his days as an underworked copy writer for an ad agency and his nights lost in old war movies, fantasizing about his strange teenage... Les mer
Said Like Reeds or Things
Welcome to the poetic landscape of Mark Truscott, where less is more than you bargained for. Said Like Reeds or Things is a book of micropoetic and... Les mer
James Reaney is one of Canada's favourite poets and playwrights; at the iontersection of his dramatic and poetic talents is Scripts, a collection of... Les mer
Can a breakup break you apart? In Self-Titled, Geoffrey Brown stares into a mirror and writes what he sees, what he thinks, what he feels. The... Les mer
The Sink House
Home is where the heart is, or, in the case of The Sink House, home is what the heart is. Sequestered on a sleepy street in a dry Calgary suburb, our... Les mer
Biting the Error
What is the best way to tell a story? In this anthology, the first-ever collection of essays by innovative, cutting-edge writers on the theme of... Les mer
A Cannibal and Melancholy Mourning
Hervé, the friend with AIDS; his lover, Hervé, also afliicted; Hervé the hairdresser; Hervé next door who has defenestrated himself: in A... Les mer
Everybody Loves Nothing
Artist and writer Steve Reinke is best know for his video work, an acerbic oeuvre that spans over a decade and includes his most famous piece, The... Les mer
Hello Serotonin
Contemporary Canadian poetry got you down? Well, we'd like to prescribe a little Hello Serotonin, the latest in mood-enhancing poetry... Les mer