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I Know You Are But What Am I?
Kleptomaniacs, convicts, roof-walkers and homicidal hippies: populated as they are with lives both ordinary and extraordinary, Heather Birrell's... Les mer
Konfessions of an Elizabethan Fan Dancer
Better break out your sledgehammer - it's time for a little concrete! Concrete poetry, that is. Concrete what? Well, it's poetry that's a lot like... Les mer
Now You Care
In Now You Care, her fifth collection of poetry, Di Brandt voices a passionate argument against environmental degradation and a plea for psychic... Les mer
A Painted Elephant
A Painted Elephant tells a tale of love - unrequited, of course, like all the best stories. Our Juliet? A lonely Indian elephant, newly arrived at... Les mer
Paper City
In a Paper City write nothing down. So commands this text, which dismantles itself as it charts its own admonished course, navigating the interstices... Les mer
Pressed leaflet variable between the covers of anything brisk. Infused on the brink of staggering conception. Immaculate handle given by the power to... Les mer
Now you can invite that jazzman into the comfort of your own home! Reading Eunoia to yourself was fun, sure, but now you can hear it as it was meant... Les mer
The Winter Gardeners
In the town of Lake Wachannabee, Ontario, lies the Winter Garden, home to matron Giggy Andrewes and her brood: her strung-out nephew Jem Waferly, his... Les mer
Winner of the 2002 Griffin Poetry Prize. Over five years in the making, poet, 'pataphysican, performer and artist Christian Bök's much-anticipated... Les mer
With Wax
Quill pen, linotype, computer: does how you write affect what you write? In with wax, Derek Beaulieu spurns the sentence and woos the phrase, the... Les mer
All My Friends Are Superheroes
All Tom's friends really are superheroes. There's the Ear, the Spooner, the Impossible Man. Tom even married a superhero, the Perfectionist. But at... Les mer
The Animal Sciences
The Animal Sciences is like a science fair project. Take a group of friends - the missing Robin, crazy Kookla, jealous Duffer, lost Autumn and... Les mer
Baseball: A Poem in the Magic Number 9
From its remarkable design to its effervescent language, George Bowering's ode to the beautiful game is as original as it is funny, as bittersweet as... Les mer
The Blue Books
Nicole Brossard's lucid, subversive and innovative work on language has influenced an entire generation of readers and writers. But three of her... Les mer
Published in 1994, Crystallography was a gem of a book, an instant hit that was nominated for the Gerald Lampert Award. It has been unavailable for... Les mer
Mycological Studies
Jay Millar's second collection of poems looks at the world of mushrooms through a kaleidoscope ofperspectives and styles, ranging from innovative and... Les mer
Patria: The Complete Cycle
Here was a very special ritual - completely without a sense of striving, and promising no rewards. You wandered about amused and amazed, never sure... Les mer
Spare Parts Plus Two
A welfare cheque floats down the river, a cowboy spreads the Word of the Lord and crotches tick like clocks: the world of Spare Parts is... Les mer
Seven Pages Missing Voliume 1
In two massive volumes, Steve McCaffery, Canada's most challenging, experimental and innovative poet/critic amasses the best of his previously... Les mer
Seven Pages Missing Volume 2
In two massive volumes, Steve McCaffery, Canada's most challenging, experimental and innovative poet/critic amasses the best of his previously... Les mer
AWOL: 3 Plays for Theatre SKAM
It was love at first scene: the West Coast's innovative Theatre skam and Sean Dixon were a match made in heaven. AWOL offers up for the first time... Les mer
Dislocations in Crystal
Adrift in history and myth, fairy tales and TV, the tedious and the marvellous, you'll find Dislocations in Crystal. These poems move through the... Les mer
Disturbances of Progress
If the expression 'Two steps forward, one step back' describes the conventional attitude toward hesitation and uncertainty, Disturbances of Progress... Les mer
The Dying Poem
On the afternoon that two tonnes of explosives are set to dismember Toronto's Metropolitan Library, poet Henry Black hides himself away in his... Les mer