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Excessive Love Protheses
The heart, writes Margaret Christakos, is 'a public organ of private damage.' The poems in Excessive Love Prostheses confess, rather than deride, the... Les mer
How the Blessed Live
Minor earthquakes every day; that's what they say. Lucy feels the tremors like a needle sensitized to respond to the slightest movement. She feels... Les mer
Metropolis (Book 2)
Robert Fitterman's poetry, like the man himself, is urban, sophisticated and eclectic. This second volume of poems from Fitterman's award-winning... Les mer
The Mood Embosser
The Mood Embosser, Louis Cabri's first book of poetry, presents a series of impressions of 1990s social history as it is manifested in the lingering... Les mer
The Nightingales
Desire and deceit, love and loathing - The Nightingales is a novel about best friends. It's summer 1989, and as an insufferable heat stalks the city... Les mer
Raising Eyebrows
The surrealist antics of Gary Barwin will run the predictability of your universe through a particle accelerator. Watch as your right eyebrow turns... Les mer
Tell it Slant
Tell It Slant is a bold, luscious first novel by Beth Follett, publisher of one of Canada's most excit ing and respected small presses, Pedlar... Les mer
Louise Bak's second book, Tulpa (in Buddhist mysticism, a magical entity created by intensely concentrated thought), continues her challenging... Les mer
At Issue
Karen Mac Cormack's At Issue is a sequel of sorts to Fit to Print (also from Coach House Books) , her collaborative poetic examination of the... Les mer
The original Vancouver Subhumans meet Wyndham Lewis in a back alley, beat the hell out of him, take all of his money, use it to buy drugs and booze,... Les mer
Busted is a book about governance, and a catalogue of possible relations. It explores a litany of genres concerned with allegiance and refusal, and... Les mer
Champs Delicieux
In 1921, an up-and-co ming artist named Man Ray convinced his patron, Ferdinand Howald, to pay his fare from New York to Paris and to support him... Les mer
From the author of Glenn and Inexpressible Island comes this scathing satiric play about sex, power and the Canadian newspaper industry. Lionel K.... Les mer
Code X
Mark Sutherland's Code X transforms your computer into a sound poetry organ, whether you like it or... Les mer
Deep Text
Similar to Phonic Slices, Deep Text is the bookwork version of an installation. Each of its 13 pages presents a grid of 64 cells, each of which... Les mer
A House of White Rooms
The first collection from a new voice in Toronto poetry. 'To read Helen Tsiriotakis is to know the scalding appetites of morning witho ut recourse to... Les mer
Inoculations: Four Plays
These four plays - White Mice, Who Shot Jacques Lacan?, Radio Rooster Says That's Bad and Over - written by Darren O'Donnell for his theatre company,... Les mer
Lenny Bruce is Dead
At McDonald's, when I'm throwing out the stuff on my tray, there's a point where I get scared that my wallet could have been on there, too. I always... Les mer
Lip Service
At nearly 400 pages in length, Lip Service is Bruce Andrews' major poetry work of the 1990s. The book is divided into ten 'planets' corresponding to... Les mer
The follow-up to the critically acclaimed No. 111, Fidget ruthlessly documents every movement made by Goldsmith's body on Bloomsday (June 16) 1997... Les mer
A More Tender Ocean
This is the first collection of poems from novelist, short-story writer and poet Natalee Caple. By using the Surrealist technique of automatic... Les mer
Running Unconscious
Running Unconscious is the first collection of poetry by Toronto poet and poetry promoter Peter McP hee. 'Never Trust a Polar Bear in Shades,'... Les mer
sensory deprivation
At long last, this double-barrelled collection of visual poetry, sensory deprivation and dream poetics, by damian lopes is now in print.... Les mer
Originally twelve years in the making! Featuring a cast of thousands. It still stars the letter H, and introduces Probable Systems, Negatives, and... Les mer