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The Young Man
The collected works of poet and bon vivant Fred Gaysek are now available in this massive trade edition. Includes lovecrushed, The Young Man and the... Les mer
Camera, Woman
'There are no lost women, only women who've forgotten their scripts.' RM Vaughan's play about Hollywood director Dorothy Arzner comes off the stage... Les mer
East/West is a guided tour of old stories and fresh perspectives on the architecture and planning of housing and urba n development in central... Les mer
From the Atelier Tovar
Guy Maddin is one of Canada's most celebrated and original filmmakers, the director of such delirious films as Tales from the Gimli Hospital,... Les mer
The Ghosts of Jay Millar
Jay used to have an ego, but had it surgically removed. Get bur'd by Alex Cayce; Perfectly Ordinary Dreams by James Llar; Short Ghosts by John... Les mer
The Inkblot Record
Dan Farrell's second volume of poetry is an examination of a discourse that everyone knows about but few people have examined in detail: the response... Les mer
Although firmly rooted in the real, Lillian Necakov's evocations of 'movie magic' prove irresistible in these forty poems and five collages. Ranging... Les mer
Tha Farm Show
This is a record of our version of grassroots theatre. The idea was to take a group of actors out to a farming community and build a play of what we... Les mer
Lines of Embarkation
The Official Year of Stan Rogal continues with yet another book of poems from the ubiquitous poet, playwright, actor, director, visual artist and... Les mer
Charlotte the spider... Wilbur the pig... Fern and Avery... and Lurvy, the hired hand. They and all the other characters from the timeless children's... Les mer
Ninety-seven Posts with the Heads of Dead Men
Here, in Nancy Dembowski's first book of poetry, a beautifully complicated intelligence addresses its audience directly through a sharply sensual... Les mer
Outside the Hat
In Outside the Hat lies a landscape of CanaDada and SurRielism, populated by dancing medieval woodcuts, Franglais-speaking dogs, sadistic provincial... Les mer
Piccolo Mondo
It happened in Vancouver, just before 'the sixties' started. A whole generation of poets, writers and artists shook off the repression of 1950s... Les mer
Unrehearsed Beauty
The Artist Formerly Known As Death Waits christens his new public persona with the release of 'a series of theatrical proposals to be repeated,... Les mer
Ad Sanctos: The Martyrology Book 9
‘All of Nichol’s work is stamped by his desire to create texts that are engaging in themselves as well as in context, and to use indirect... Les mer
A double-lunged bong hit of mid-Eighties post-punk college rock, Gertrude Stein, art films, and the comedic legacy of Laurel and Hardy (including... Les mer
Smell It
The debut collection of visceral short fiction from notorious Toronto writer, editor, indie commentator and small-p ress overlord Hal Niedzviecki,... Les mer
Articles of Faith
A beautiful conjunction of the late Douglas Clark's minimalist poetry and photography, this book transforms the mundane detritus of our collective... Les mer
Candy From Strangers
Witty, wonderful and disturbing all at the same time, Candy from Strangers, Diana Hartog's second book, sparkles with the same unforgettable images... Les mer
The Better Part of Heaven
In The Better Part of Heaven Ken Norris deepens and extends both the form and content of his expanding body of work. A poetic journal of a journey... Les mer
Matinee Light
Hartog's first collection of poetry is a marvellous, luminous book from a writer with a sure wit, an abundance of feeling and a profound sense of the... Les mer
Twenty Miles
The Scarlets are hard-hitting, tough-talking hockey players. There's brash Toad, troubled Hal, and Hooters waitress Heezer. And then there's... Les mer
Dr. Thoughtless Actions, a young geneticist, awakes one morning to find a cardboard box secured to his head. Unable to wrench it off, he attempts... Les mer
Gifts: The Martyrology Book(s) 7 &
‘All of Nichol’s work is stamped by his desire to create texts that are engaging in themselves as well as in context, and to use indirect... Les mer