Roseate, Points of Gold

"These poems might be dreamt from the moon, where water and wombs are under their own observation, and the body is 'as morning frost scored/into dark pavement by a passing silver shoe.' What really is inside a body? Oftentimes, another body. This pearlescent meditation explores the forms of the mind as it shapes itself around the body and a body that issues from it, till the delicate movements of the mind crown, like a baby's head leaving the mother's body, 'in the manner of exhaling a bird'" — Eleni Sikelianos.

Laynie Browne was born and grew up in Los Angeles. She attended the University of California, Berkeley, and Brown University and was awarded The Gertrude Stein Award in Innovative Poetry three times. She is the author of a novel and nine collections of poetry, most recently ROSEATE, POINTS OF GOLD (Dusie Press, 2011), THE DESIRES OF LETTERS (Counterpath Press, 2010), THE SCENTED FOX (Wave Books, 2007, winner of the National Poetry Series), and DAILY SONNETS (Counterpath Press, 2007). Browne is an assistant professor of poetry at the University of Arizona and one of the directors of the POG reading series in Tucson, Arizona.